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UDP Senator Says Farmers and Fishermen are Suffering from the High Cost of Living

The United Democratic Party spent a significant portion of its 90-minutes press conference today focused on the high cost of living. The party reiterated that Belizeans are feeling the weight of the increases in fuel, food and transportation. Senator Tony Herrera, the party’s caretaker for Corozal Southeast, says that farmers, fishermen and workers who commute daily are reeling from the impact of all these price hikes.

Tony Herrera, Senator UDP: “We have an average of 27% increase in fuel. What does that do to our villages? Especially up north which I can speak eloquently about. Let’s go to the fisherman. The fisherman, first of all, has to travel all the way from Sarteneja, Chunox, Caledonia, some from Ranchito, Calcutta and they have to travel first, all the way to the city, which they burn fuel and then from there, they’ve got to travel to the sea. So that brings an extra cost to them and not only to them but to a lot of labourers that have to travel from all these remote villages to the city, to the towns to work. Everybody is aware of the increase of the bus fares. This increase has affected all the common people in these villages. Why? Because there’s not been an increase in their salaries, so only the increase on the high cost of fuel, food items. Basic food items, our main protein source, beans, have gone up so much. Our staple, the chicken, has gone up so those are the things that affect every one of us at the village level.”