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Senator Godwin Hulse

UDP Senators respond to Social Partners and PUP Senators

Responding to the concerns raised by the PUP Senators and Social Partners were the Government Senators. Senator Michael Peyrefitte scolded the Senators, telling them that they should have done their homework. His colleagues, Senator Stephen Duncan and Senator Aldo Salazar, explained why the bill was brought to the Senate today. However, Senator for Government Business Godwin Hulse took responsibility for the lateness of the bill.


“There is a reason you know Senator Salas and Lizarraga why it takes a period of time to bring this. I know the reason but I won’t tell you. Do your homework. Do your job. Listen the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result you know Mr. President.  If you want information you don’t wait the day of the Senate Meeting to ask the Financial Secretary to come here for an hour or two. He’s been available since you had notice of this meeting. You could have gone right there. You are a member of the upper house and ask the financial secretary for a meeting and he would have provided you with that meeting to give you all the information that you want to cover the debate. So I am flabbergasted too that I have gotten the information, have come here today for a debate only for the debate to be that we can’t debate because some members do not have the information. You’re  a member of the upper chamber of the National Assembly of a sovereign country. When will you stop whining and whining and crying about everything?”


“The recovery work started in 2016 after the hurricane and because of whatever factors, could not be completed until the 2017 fiscal year. Then that is when you have to bring the Appropriation Bill because the work relates to the 2016 period, you cannot then appropriate it in 2017, you have to go back t 2016. So it seems to me there is a practical aspect that we should not lose sight of.”


It is ridiculous to believe that you can estimate the damages of a hurricane in 21 days. Hurricane Earl, the estimated damages were 183.6 million dollars. It affected 4,684 households or a total of 17,000 Belizeans. So you want to tell me that within three weeks you are supposed to be able to say ten million dollars is going to correct this? As I said, there is a reason for this. It takes years to recover from a hurricane. Years. Not three weeks.”


“When you look at the details and we talk about transparency and accountability, I have already accepted the failure in terms of the timeline but transparency man, it is presented. Accountability. It’s added up the officer, not the Senate that checks on the expenditure, nor the house, in detail of the executive. It is the auditor general who’s an officer of the National Assembly and then goes and audit and says, “You see that figure that you presented was wrong. Then we have a problem. We have to understand the roles and responsibilities we have.”

PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay suggested that the Financial Secretary be brought in to answer questions. He was supported by Senator Mark Lizarraga and opposed by Senator Michael Peyrefitte. After a committee of the entire Senate met in privacy, it was agreed that Waight is brought in to answer questions. He did so for a few minutes. At the end of the Senate Sitting, the ayes had it and the bill was approved and passed.