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UDP slate in Orange Walk Town ready for 2018 Municipal Elections

The United Democratic Party today presented its slate to contest the 2018 Municipal Elections in Orange Walk Town. The team is led by Mayoral Candidate Phillip de la Fuente. The six councilor candidates are Ajasha Cantun, Yara Cal, Jose Cocom, Evan Williams, Derrick Sambula, and Armando Usher. De la Fuente says he believes his team is strong and ready for the polls.

Phillip De La Fuente – UDP Mayoral Candidate

“I love to work. I love to get things done. Aside from the street side chopping, road works and the picking up of the garbage which is the responsibility of each town council, our team will think and work outside the normal parameters of the Town Council. We do this to assist our community to live a better life. Our team will take Orange Walk to higher levels. Our team is a huge cross section of our community.  We have new leaders working along with proven and competent leaders.  We all have one thing in common, we want to see Orange Walk prosper, and we want to see Orange Walk develop.  With our UDP seven team Orange Walk will move ahead.”

As formidable a team de la Fuente says they are, Orange Walk has been a PUP stronghold winning in the last municipal elections. Add to that the track record that Mayor Kevin Bernard has built, even garnering recognition from the Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, the PUP seems unbeatable. De la Fuente does not think so and neither does Orange Walk East Area Representative Elodio Aragon Jr.

Phillip De La Fuente – UDP Mayoral Candidate

“Not just because of politics. The people of Orange Walk they know me and they appreciate me.”

Elodio Aragon Jr. – Orange Walk East area representative

“Of course Orangewalkenos will give them that support and when you talk about the situation in Orange Walk politically, let me tell you, the Opposition Party Leader, Hon. Johnny Briceno controls everything in Orange Walk, from the cable to the radio, to the gas, you name it. Big H juice, telecommunications, they control everything. All you hear in the Orange Walk District politically is the PUP propaganda. The reality is the people who live in Orange Walk know fully well that they want some leadership to make Orange Walk progressive.”

But even if Aragon’s accusations prove true, the UDP still have to battle with the political damage caused by the Vega family scandal that has erupted and only keeps escalating. Is the UDP concerned that this will affect them at the polls in March 2018 in Orange Walk?

Alberto August – Chairman, UDP

“Any kind of concern that brings bad image to the Party of course it is a concern to myself as Chairman of the Party because it just makes it a little bit harder for us to be successful at the polls.  But we are known, in tandem with the leader of our Party, we are known to be able to handle any kind of adversity that comes before the party.


Dalila Ical

“Does that then make you concerned even further, you are here presenting the Orange Walk slate, the Vegas are from Orange Walk does this concern you as a Party?

Alberto August – Chairman, UDP

“The leadership of the Opposition realize that in terms of the upcoming municipal elections their only hope is in Orange Walk because they are no fools they do their math also and they realize that their only hope is in Orange Walk. As you see their focus is in Orange Walk but we are prepared for it, we are working hard.  We are almost sure that what their current Mayor is doing in terms of compromising the subvention for town councils until 2030, they realize that the heat will be on them and the people of Orange Walk realize it is time for a change.”

The team was presented by UDP Chairman Alberto August. Area Representative for Orange Walk East and Minister Elodio Aragon Junior was also present for the event.