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UDP Still divided; SISE Mayor adds his voice to the debate

Will the UDP finally get its act together? That’s the question party supporters are asking as the infighting continues. Presumably, the sweet kumbaya expected after Party Leader Shyne Barrow and his predecessor, Patrick Faber met last month has ended. As we reported, Shyne Barrow and Faber were slated to meet in July when the latter returned to the country after a months-long hiatus. From that meeting and a similar discussion with Tracy Panton, it seemed that the three Belize City parliamentarians were ready to move the party together in lockstep. Fast forward to Tuesday night and Faber had this to say about his party leader:   “PL, I don’t appreciate your threats and those of your violent criminal circle. I am not now or not ever a PUP. All who demand you do things according to the constitution and don’t agree with your wrong ways are not PUP! I am not for sale so don’t bet on me” Unquote. This post suggests that Faber and Barrow have not mended fences and the party remains bitterly divided. We should note that Faber’s page still has kept up the adverts produced by the now-expelled Delroy Cuthkelvin. As we reported, Cuthkelvin was expelled for a year for the adverts, which have been scathing in their criticisms of Barrow. Meanwhile, San Ignacio/Santa Elena Mayor, Earl Trapp, Jr. has also made his concerns known. In a letter to Party Chairman, Senator Michael Peyrefitte, Trapp said quote “I am deeply saddened now to learn that the efforts at forging such unity are stalled and in jeopardy” Unquote. Trapp also said that he did not like how the party’s regional leader for the west was installed, despite a petition signed by more than half of the delegates and party officials, including Trapp himself. He says quote “The manner in which a situation like this has been handled certainly does not help in fostering the kind of atmosphere that is necessary to unite and rebuild the UDP so it can serve effectively in its role as a strong opposition while properly preparing to become the next government of Belize” End quote. Trapp also called out the party for expelling Cuthkelvin saying there must be a better way to resolve differences. He called on the Party leader to make better efforts to unify the party. However, the way things are going – at least for now – the party is nowhere close to unification.