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UDP to PM: Are your Ministers involved the drug plane landings now?

Remains of a suspected drug plane were found over the weekend in Southern Belize. Aerial photographs show a burnt twin-engine plane on a recently cleared make-shift landing site. Officials from the Joint Intelligence Operation Center (JIOC) were tracking the plane which landed in the Sundaywood Area of Toledo District on Sunday morning at about eight-thirty.  It’s been four months since a drug plane crash-landed. The last one was back in February but that didn’t stop former Police Minister Michael Peyrefitte to criticize the present administration’s strategy to deal with drug plane landings. 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “When he was Leader of the Opposition, and unfortunately every now and again a drug plane used to land, he used to openly infer that, (well first he said he’s not surprised that they were landing) and he used to openly infer that Government ministers were involved in the landing of drug planes. So now that they’re landing under his administration, is he willing to take the position is if his Government ministers or he is directly involved in the landing of drug planes? I mean you have to be consistent. You cannot. You. The same knife weh stab sheep have to stab pork. So mek we stop worry bout UDP fi right now. UDP has lost. The people spoke. The people gave you the job. Stop comparing the PUP to the UDP. Compare yourself to yourself, which is not much of a comparison, but do it anyway because you’re the Prime Minister. I hope, Dale, when you and other personnel in the media get to talk to him you put the question to him just like that. Prime Minister, are you and or your other Government ministers involved in the landing of drug planes, because when they used to land under the UDP, you claimed that the UDP Prime Minister and other ministers were involved? So then you have to earn, you have to eat it just like you tried to feed it to us when we were in Government and the people of this country and the media cannot allow them to just get away with that inconsistency.”