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UDP to hold convention on Sunday in Dangriga

As we’ve mentioned, on Sunday the UDP will hold a convention in Dangriga to select a slate for that municipality to contest the upcoming municipal elections.  Fourteen candidates, two mayoral and twelve councillor candidates, are hoping to make the UDP ticket. UDP Chairman Alberto August told us they are all well qualified persons.

Alberto August – UDP Chairman

“At the end of the day only 50% of those persons who will be contesting the conventions on Sunday will emerge victorious. They are all good candidates, we wish that we could have accommodated all of them because we met with them, our last meeting with them was on Tuesday and I can say that it’s a good slate. Very good candidates presenting themselves for Sunday. The voting begins at 10AM and we take the polls for seven hours, the polls close at 5PM. Immediately after the polls close then we convert those polling stations into counting stations so we are expecting the results to come out within the hour after we close the polls.”

So far the United Democratic Party has selected seven slates, Dangriga will be the eight. The last slate to be presented will be the one in Benque Viejo del Carmen which will be chosen on November 26th.

Alberto August – UDP Chairman

“Well we are organizing, our slates are already on the ground moving and moving forward and I think that they will be presenting good campaigns, organized campaigns which is what we normally do and we are predicting that we are going to capture all 67 seats countrywide this time around.”