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UDP’s mayoral candidate speaks about campaign and upcoming municipal election

Dion Leslie is the Belize City UDP mayoral candidate for the next municipal election in 2018, after defeating his opponent Phillip Willoughby on August 27, at an open convention. Municipal elections are still some months away and so the campaign continues. Leslie gave the media an update on how his campaign has been going so far.

Dion Leslie

“Well of course as any politician would tell you the campaign never stops whether you’re talking to someone on the street side or visiting the home it never stops. It might not be on a grandiose scale as it was on convention but it hasn’t stopped. We are still on the ground, all the counselor candidates meeting people, addressing issues, listening to concerns and seeing how we can best address them using the resources we have. Myself I’ve had various meetings with stakeholders, with the Prime Minister, with the Mayor with all those involved and so while I have been campaigning I have still been having meetings to put things in place for the coming weeks and I think later this week or early next week you’ll see some great announcements being made that residents of Belize City should look forward to. So things like that I’ve been working on getting things in place and projects in place so that when we really do a full launch which we will do we would have these things in place that the residents of Belize City should be excited about.”

There have been some speculations that Bernard Wagnor may be the PUP’s mayoral candidate for Belize City. We won’t know for sure until the PUP holds its Belize City convention in mid-October. Leslie was asked to respond to how he feels about going up against Wagner, if that turns out to be the case.


Dion Leslie

“I don’t know who is the mayoral candidate, I heard Mr. Bernard’s name being thrown around for quite some time I’ve heard other names as well but it doesn’t matter who they put up we will continue our work, we will do what we have to, we are tested and true and come March our work on the ground that is where elections are won on the ground, they are not won over the media, it may give you some boost but it’s won on the ground visiting people and addressing their needs and we have a great team, a great combination of professionals, of social workers, of experience and new blood so come March next year I am more than confident to say that we will be victorious whether PUP puts up Mr. Wagner or whoever they bring we know our work will speak for itself and come March we will be victorious.”