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UNDP host member of diplomatic corps

Every year United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, and UN Agencies host international diplomats in Belize. The purpose is to bring diplomats such as ambassadors and representatives from cooperation agencies to discuss how to jointly advance the development of Belize. UNDP Country Representative, Christian Salazar, told us more.

Christian Salazar – UNDP Country Representative

“This was an opportunity for solidarity with the people in the Caribbean affected by the hurricanes including the hurricane now devastating Puerto Rico and others and also in solidarity with the people of Mexico so that was one topic that we discussed at this meeting and then we discussed the UN priorities here in the Caribbean and also in Belize and how to better coordinate the aid. These priorities are for healthcare, then education and social protection, citizen security and access to justice and then the whole issue of climate change and environmental protection.”


“What are some of the emerging development trends that were discussed with the stakeholders?”

Christian Salazar – UNDP Country Representative

“I think one important trend is that in the implementation of the sustainable development goals the municipalities need take a stronger stance the people need to more about it locally and that is one thing at the state level is clearly to harmonize better the budget planning with the actual national and international goals; so how Ministry of Finance cooperates with the line ministries was another issue that was discussed.”

One of the overarching development initiatives that was discussed were proposals regarding the Belize/Guatemala Dispute and the referendum. Salazar would not field questions regarding this topic.