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Unemployment down by 9.7 %

The latest report from the Statistical Institute of Belize recorded that in September 2017, Belize’s labour force stood at one hundred and sixty-six thousand, forty-nine persons. This was an increase of three thousand, seven hundred and ninety-five persons from September 2016. According to the SIB, one hundred and forty-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-four persons were employed in September 2017, which is 90 percent of the labour force. The unemployment rate fell by nine point seven percent, a decline of one point four percent when compared to September 2016. The majority of the workforce could be found in the Services and Sales category.  Unemployment in the country’s urban area stood at nine point one percent in September 2017, a decrease by three point two percent, when compared to September 2016. Meanwhile, unemployment in rural areas stood at ten point two percent, a slight increase from November 2016.  In September 2017, more men were unemployed which stood seven point one percent, up from six point nine percent. On the other hand, more women were able to get jobs since joblessness decrease from seventeen point six percent to thirteen point six percent. Looking at the districts, the majority of persons unemployed was found in the Cayo District, which recorded a thirteen percent unemployment rate in September 2017. The Stann Creek District recorded the largest decline in its unemployment rate, which fell from seventeen point seven percent in September 2016 to eight point seven percent in September 2017. Then there are those that are considered underemployed, these are persons who work less than 35 hours per week, this number declined from twenty-four thousand, one hundred sixty-five in September 2016, to twenty-two thousand, three hundred and thirteen in September 2017.