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UNFPA Launches Population Report

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) globally launched the state of world population report on October 17 and today, November 1, the report was launched in Belize in collaboration with the United Nation’s residential coordinator office at the Radisson Fort George Hotel.  Liaison Officer of the United Nations Population Fund, Tisa Grant, spoke to Love News about the importance of keeping track of the world’s population.

Tisa Grant – Liaison Officer

“It is very important, we often times make plans for our country and its economic growth and development without considering the population and development issues that affect economic growth and development. This particular report is path-breaking because it goes beyond the standard economic measures that one would look at such as wealth. It looks at how there are other inequalities such as inequalities in access to sexual reproductive health. Information services commodities etc. and how these things affect a person’s ability to generate income and as well as a countries economic development and growth.”

Grant went on to explain how not having access to reproductive healthcare (contraceptive) may affect a woman’s social status in life or cause her to be discriminated against.

Tisa Grant – Liaison Officer

“Something as simple as having access to contraceptives that help a woman prevent unintended pregnancies. When you have a child that you are not exactly ready for or planned for; it limits your ability to say, enter enroll in school or to even take on employment that you would normally have wanted to take on and in some cases we do have employers who would purposely not hire women because their pregnant or women tend to lose their jobs after giving birth. So while people do not necessarily always make the connection, there is a connection. A woman should have the right to be able to space her pregnancy. She should be able to have the information she needs to space her pregnancy or decide how many children she wants.”