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UNIBAM Holds Conference to Discuss Chief Justice’s Ruling

After the favorable ruling given this morning by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to amend section 53 of the Criminal Code of Belize 1981, to exclude consensual sex between adults in private, UNIBAM held a press conference. Senior Legal Counsel, Lisa Showman and Wesmin James, spoke about the ruling.

Executive Director of UNIBAM, LGBTQI activist Caleb Orozco spoke about the struggle he went through to have his rights upheld. He also spoke about what the government can do to assist the community.

Opposing sentiments came from the church this morning, but Caleb Orozco spoke about support that he has gotten from churches.

One of the fears spoken about this morning by church leaders is that the favorable ruling this morning might propel an amendment legalizing same sex marriage. Caleb Orozco spoke about the community’s intentions in regards to that issue.

Senior Counsel Lisa Showman thanked various members and organizations that assisted them on the journey to the ruling. These included the legal team at the University of the West Indies, Professor Tracy Robinson and Professor R.F. Bolcan to name a few.