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UNIBAM Lashes Back at Evangelical Churches

Last Friday we told you of the disgust expressed by the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) over the hoisting of the LGBTI flag on the US Embassy’s compound.  The association which represents more than two hundred and fifty churches in the country noted in their release, quote, “These rogue views continue to be pushed by leftover appointees of the Obama Administration at the US Embassy and are not in line with the views and convictions of the Belizean populace. It is our hope that this event will expedite the appointment of a new US Ambassador under the new US President.”  End of quote.  Executive Director for UNIBAM and Gay Activist, Caleb Orozco responded to the statement over the weekend referring to the association as being filled with power hungry pastors who have more care for political influence than the country’s best interest.  Orozco wrote, “I want it made clear, my Board, my community and myself share no love for the NEAB. Our lives are not up for negotiations, our human aspirations are not up for negotiations and our dignity as a community is not to be attacked.  We are open to engagement, we are not open to erasure as LGBT Belizeans. The NEAB should be disgusted over all the murders that have occurred since 2000, our 43% poverty rate, murders of women and all the immoral indiscretions that have occurred.”  Instead, Orozco added, the NEAB is busy interfering and reducing Belizean LGBT to their private life.