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UNICEF advocating for legal reform

UNICEF has been working with local authorities to ensure that justice is not denied for juvenile offenders.  Luwani Cayetano, the Child Protection Officer at UNICEF told us that UNICEF is pushing for legal reform for children.

Luwani Cayetano, Child Protection Officer, UNICEF: “When it comes to juvenile justice UNICEF believes that regardless if children come in contact with the law they are still children and they have a right to be protected. So we support the government in their child justice reforms that are taking place right now and so we are advocating for legal reform, for institutional development, capacity buildings o we work with the justice system to be able to train and build the capacity of those working in the justice system- you know how do we interview children, how do we make sure that when children enter the justice system they are safe, how do we make sure that they have  right to be heard trial and procedures that where possible that they have an attorney present. So those are the kinds of things that we advocate for in the justice system, to make sure that when young people enter into the justice system that we understand that they face consequences for their actions but that we really find ways to make sure that these children can really be reintegrated back into society and to work within the society so that they can become productive adults.”