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Unicef holds result-based management workshop

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is looking to see how it can leverage partnerships with its stakeholders in an effort to improve the lives of children in Belize.  In this regard, it is holding a three-day result-based management workshop with its partners. Paulette Wade, the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for UNICEF says the organization is focusing on three areas: education, justice for children and adolescence.

Paulette Wade, the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for UNICEF:  “It’s kind of asking Stakeholders to look at the situation of children and women in various sectors: Education, Child Protection and Adolescents. What are those issues? What are some of the key priorities and issues that the data is saying and from that data how do you funnel down to see what are the issues that should be addressed? Because sometimes we understand the situation but when we do our Program design sometimes we are only looking at the immediate factor so take for example children are not going to school. Why are they not going to school? Well it’s because the school is too far away but that is just an immediate cause, we have not really drilled down to see why are they not going? Maybe the parents cannot afford the transportation cost or cannot afford the uniform cost, that is why they are not going but then we need to drill down a bit further to see what are the some of the structural causes, some of the institutional causes that are there that is actually preventing children from going to school so yes it’s looking at those issues, the issues of women and children however looking at it in a systematic way to address the problem.

Haleem Lone, the facilitator of the workshop, also spoke about the result-based management.

Haleem Lone Facilitator: “The results management approach is about making sure that we are all working together towards the same goals and results so we use the national priority and the Government priorities as included in their development plans and we make sure that as each of the agencies develop their own strategic plan that they are totally aligned so it’s a way to really make sure that all our efforts are focused on achieving the best results with the best use of the limited resources that we all have.”

Apart from UNICEF, the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Development, and the Ministry of Economic Development are participating in the three-day workshop which ends on Friday.