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UNICEF Training Done Out West

First responders and caregivers today learned how to respond to the needs of the very young during emergencies, thanks to a workshop hosted by UNICEF Belize. San Ignacio correspondent, Elaine Berry was at this morning’s session at the town hall and filed this report. 
Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent:  A humanitarian training on integrated protection for children and adolescents during emergency and disaster situations in Belize is taking place at the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town  Council. The overview of the training is the disaster general protection risks faced by children and adolescents and core commitments for children in humanitarian action. Speaking to Love News Denise Robateu, Early Childhood Education and Education Officer for UNICEF told us more about the importance of the training.
Denise Robateu, Early Childhood Education and Education Officer, UNICEF Belize

Denise Robateu, Early Childhood Education and Education Officer, UNICEF Belize: “Last year just before the pandemic hit Belize we launched National Protocol for the Integrated Protection of Children and Adolescents in Emergencies and in Disasters and this was launched with the National Emergency Management Organization and we are continuing in our partnership with NEMO and the government to look at how we support organizations and those who respond in emergencies to consider children, to consider adolescents in sectoral response. When we talk about sectoral response for example we’re looking at nutrition, we’re looking at education, we’re looking at child protection and safety, we’re looking at water sanitation and hygiene and within each of these sectors there are standards and there are response actions, there are preparedness actions, to begin with, there are response actions, there are recovery actions to support the protection of children and adolescents.”

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent:  I also spoke to councilor Sherlen Neil whose portfolio is women, youth empowerment programs, community events, culture and shelter about how she will be taking back this training to her community.

Shirlene Neal, Councilor for San Ignacio Town Council

Shirlene Neal, Councilor for San Ignacio Town Council: “We need to involve our kids in disaster time and we will never know when disaster hits. As to listen to our media, we have NEMO here present as well and the kids get them involved as to they’re there with us and I know sometimes they feel threatened by our surroundings and especially that we saw what happened last year with the flooding of the river and different ways that our community could get destroyed in the blink of an eye and as our kids, we have our kids and I have my kids as well and I try to get them involved as to help them to  know the different dangers that we could see and could happen to us in just the blink of an eye.”