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UNICEF Warns Against Fraudulent Emails

The presence of the World Wide Web has opened avenues for fraud in many instances and usually comes in the form of lottery winnings in your email or on your social media page.  Of recent, there have reportedly been a surge of fraudulent emails sent to individuals purportedly from UNICEF.  This issue has come to the attention of the principals at the UNICEF office in Belize and as a result, they have sent out a warning to the Belizean people.  That warning came to us this evening, via email and reads, quote, “It has come to our attention that several people in Belize have received fraudulent award letters and emails that appear to be coming from UNICEF in Barcelona, Spain and Orchard Hills Security Company. The false letters state that the recipient has won an award and the winner is asked to submit sensitive personal information such as banking details, family information, address and signature.  UNICEF Belize wants to inform the public that that these letters are not authentic, and asks to not provide any of the sensitive personal information requested.  In addition, UNICEF Belize wants to clarify that it doesn’t do any fundraising from private individuals in the country. UNICEF staff travels around the country to meet with communities conduct surveys and work with partner organisations, but UNICEF Belize does under no circumstances ask private individuals for donations in person.  If you are approached by somebody who claims to be representing UNICEF and you have any doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the UNICEF Belize office.”  End of quote, For further details on this matter, you can go to