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Unicomer Belize Opens Courts Optical Branch in Orange Walk Town

The residents of Orange Walk District now have access to more eye care services. A Courts Optical Branch has opened its doors on the town’s Main Street. Love News attended the grand opening on Monday and spoke to Unicomer’s Managing Director, Javier Ponce about the services that are now available.

Javier Ponce, Managing Director, CourtsUnicomer

Javier Ponce, Managing Director, Courts/Unicomer: “We’re very excited, we’re very happy to be here today. This is a project that’s been on the work for many many months right before we entered COVID last year we were supposed to open and it’s a little overdue now. We had been seeing that the demand for these types of products here in Orange Walk and in the north in general was strong. People were going to other small retailers, going across the border to get their appointments for checking their eyes and just buying whatever they need for their eyes to be taken care of. So now they have everything here you know very close. You don’t need to go anywhere else we have a large selection of frames, lenses, sunglasses, contact lenses. The service that we will provide here is world class just like people from Belize City and Belmopan have experienced for five years now. So try us out. I am thinking you should come in do an appointment and try our offer and try our products which are world class. We have a relationship with the original equipment and product manufacturers for these products so we are not cutting corners on anything and we’re offering just the best of the best. The difference is that we have a full package offer for our customers. We have from the start of the process which is the clinical part when we assess the needs that you have for the graduation of our lenses basically you’re situation as a patient for optical we have a certified optom who is going to be here every day and then we have a special information system that keeps the appointment at the palm of the Optometrist’s hand and they can check and they can known when you are due your next appointment, when you need to come in again and so we’ll be calling you u. So we don’t leave anything to the customer, the customer can be very sure that we’ll take care of you and we’ll follow up with you with anything you need.”

The company’s brand manager, Cesar Ramirez added that there are promotional offers customers can take advantage of.

Ward McGregor, GM, Information & Communication Technology Services: “The whole concept of that program PERANSA is to allow our customers, our employers, our employees to have a 360 view of all information concerning them. So employers will be able to see everything about their business, the customers will be able to see everything about their information and the healthcare provider and so on and so forth. As it is our slogan is Social Security at Your Fingertips. It’s literally at your fingertips because one of the initiatives or features that will be introduced in the next few weeks is biometrics, the use of fingerprint to secure your information. This first phase that we’ll be entering in the next few weeks will be the collection phase. So we can’t do anything to help and improve service using biometrics unless we collect the information. So in the next few weeks we’ll be introducing that feature and then we’ll start the enrollment process. The next function or feature is the employer portal. Now you want to know what’s the difference between this portol and the online contribution portal that Mrs.Cansino spoke about. This portal will allow not only the registration of employer information but it will allow you to access the portal using one set of credentials. So by now I’m hoping and pretty soon most people would have signed up for My Social Security Portal you’ll be able to use those same credentials to access whatever portal that you want in our portal family. There’s gonna be the employer portal, there’s gonna be a healthcare provider portal, obviously the My Social Security Portal so with that same credential you’ll be able to access what we call your profile to do what you want to do on the portal.”

Cesar Ramirez, Brand Manager, Courts Optical OW: “It’s the grand opening today. We’re inaugurating this store and we want everyone to know that you come in to our stores you’re not going to be charged for any of the services we’re offering right now it’s free checkups, free appointments, you come in get yourself tested and choose the frame that you want. When you come in we’ll have a permanent optometrist, someone that will be here every single day to tend to you. We will also for the week everybody who purchases between Monday and Saturday someone will be eligible to win their purchase for free so it doesn’t matter the cost once you’re selected you walk out you may be getting refund on the money that you paid. We also offer credit so if it’s a credit account you don’t worry about the payment. Now for the month of June we’re also doing a promotion for dads so dads can come in and make their purchase they bring in their son for example you know dad and son come in to make a purchase we’re giving that son the opportunity to get that whole entire purchase for 50% discount; that’s a dads promotion that we’re doing right now.”

The store opens from Monday to Saturday starting at eight in the mornings and to five in the evenings.