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Unidentified and Dead: Fatal Road Incident

A fatal road traffic accident occurred on the Boom Hattieville road this morning. The driver of the vehicle, 39 year old Margendon Conorquie from Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District told Police he saw a person sitting in the middle of the road. Eastern Division police shared the information.


“This morning at about 5am we received reports of a traffic accident, a fatal one on the Boom Hattieville Road at about 2 miles into the Boom Road off the Phillip Goldson Highway. On the scene one Mr. Conorquie reported that whilst he was driving on the Boom Hattieville road approaching a curve he saw a dark skinned male person sitting in the middle of the road and unavoidably hit him causing him to die on the spot. That individual has not been identified as yet and we are seeking to obtain his identity at this time.”

Police have not been able to identify the victim.