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Union Leaders Comment on IMF

There is no doubt that tremendous pressure is on Prime Minister John Briceno and his government from both the bondholders and the Joint Unions as the due date for the next coupon payment is fast approaching. But even so, the government is standing firm on both fronts. PSU President Gerald Henry says as the bondholders pressure the government, there is still hope that a reversal of the ten percent salary cut is achieved.

Gerald Henry, President, PSU

Gerald Henry, President, PSU: “I would imagine that the pressure has to be great on them for them to be sticking to the 10% cut at this time and so that’s the reason why the discussions have been very difficult and we have not been able to move as fast as we would have liked but so the pressure is more on them I believe but we are still hopeful that we may be able to break through and get a reduction at least in the 10% but we have to wait and see.”