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Union Leaders Say Health Minister Lied

Union leaders today also focused their attention on Health and Wellness Minister Michel Chebat. In an interview on Wednesday, Chebat responded to the Nurses Association of Belize going on a go-slow and how the Ministry plans to lessen its effects. In is answer, Chebat said that government had proposed to exclude healthcare workers from the salary cut. However the Joint Unions are saying that Minister Chebat uttered false information and they want him to apologize for doing so.

Sharon Fraser, President, APSSM

Sharon Fraser, President, APSSM: “I want to speak to the fact that at no point in time there was never ever an offer on the table, a proposal that in fact nurses and front line workers were to be exempted that never came to us. So that for that statement to have been made by the Minister of Health and Wellness only God knows where he got it from because we could not reject something that never came to us. It never came to us. So I know I asked that question today to the ministerial team “Please tell me if I fell asleep in one of our meetings when in fact you made that offer.” and they confirmed that that offer never came to that table so I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

Luis Martinez, President, NTUCB

“He doesn’t have a clue obviously of the discussions that are occurring within the confines of the House of Culture between the unions and the budget team from the government’s side. What he needs to do is to come back to the press, to you all, and make a public apology to the unions for his action. The Nurses Association is a new member, new affiliate to the National Trade Union Congress and so when you say something like that right away you cause this new organization, this new member to want to start to double think about their decision to join us when everything that this member had said is absolutely far from the truth.”