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Union President Says Trim the Fat but Don’t Get Fatter

When President of the Belize National Teachers Union, Luke Palacio spoke with the media, he was asked about comments made last week by Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight that an increase in taxes is a possibility.


“We’ve been saying this for a long time, the government continues to disagree that some of these things they will carry out are IMF recommendation.  This is clearly stated out in the article 4 report and of course IMF will say to you that these are just recommendations you take them if you want but we know when the IMF gives you certain recommendations don’t think it is just recommendations for you to get on paper; they expect that there will be some type of action taken to show that you are making an effort to improve the state of your economy and so that is a fact that we have been saying it, taxes will be increased in fact the Financial Secretary has alluded to that and there will be other things to come, that we need to sit and monitor and of course if indeed our government is serious about ensuring that our economy turns around and performs well for the benefit of Belizean we will be the first to support certain measures but you cannot be saying to me trim the fat yet you are getting fatter that can’t work.”

Waight along with other Government officials met with representatives of the Labour Unions as well as the Business community last week to discuss the upcoming budget.