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Union Says The Weak Response to Their Demands Is Unacceptable

For the past 45 days the Belize national Teachers Union and the Government of Belize have been in negotiations regarding the proposed deferred three percent salary increase for the teachers as well as several demands made by the teachers to the Prime Minister surrounding matters of national concern.  Today, two days before the teachers plan to take industrial action by abandoning the classrooms, the union called a meeting at their Headquarters and that was followed by a press briefing this afternoon in which the President of the BNTU lamented on the responses constantly given to their demands.

Palacio went on to speak of disruptions in religious sector regarding the Senate inquiry which he refers to as disturbing.  In this portion of Palacio’s presentation, he also spoke of the common practice of electing politicians when they are in rags and then they emerge

The activation of the Public Accounts Committee is one of the union’s eight demands for which Palacio says they were given yet another unacceptable explanation.

An amendment made to the Social Security Act was another demand brought by the BNTU which Palacio went into details on the rationale behind this particular request.

Palacio told the media that the BNTU is still open for further negotiations with the Prime Minister.