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Union Senator explains nonsupport of bills

It was Adelaida’s Guerra first presentation at the Senate Meeting yesterday.  Guerra represented the Unions and Civil Society as result of Senator Ray Davis being out of the country. Guerra who is the Vice President of the National Trade Union congress of Belize, voted against the Petro Caribe Amendment Bill and the two general revenue supplementary appropriation bills and she explained why:

Adelaida Guerra – Unions Senator

“As I sit here and listen I always think about thinking that every time when we hear the sitting and the senate, as a teacher you tend to listen and say we blame previous administrations as to what is taking place. My contribution is that this present government was elected on good governance, compliance and accountability and who knows more than that than we, the teachers and the public servants and those people who stood up in 2005 for the Finance and Reform Act, we fought for it. So we are holding them accountable. We at the congress and teachers are holding them accountable so when we look at this supplementary appropriations coming after the fact and asking us to approve or to approve the bill we look at the source, where is it coming from and I see PetroCaribe and because of the source then we have to think again because the source of this has in the agreement, it has certain things for it to be used for. For example our salaries, we are going to be getting a salary adjustment which is due to the teachers and the public servants but as I see here it says that this PetroCaribe money should not be used for salaries therefore we cannot say that our salary adjustment is coming from this PetroCaribe money.  Therefore I will say Mr. Speaker that the National Trade Union Congress, we are not voting in favor of this bill again because of the time it comes with retrospectivity, we don’t have accountability and proper consultation is not given to us.”

Guerra also voted against the Cruise Ship Passenger Bill.