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Elena Smith, Senator

Union Senator Ponders the Urgency of the UN Convention Ratification

Senator Elena Smith, on behalf of the unions, echoed the sentiments of the opposition saying that at first glance the impression was that this was being done in the name of Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Elena Smith, Senator

Elena Smith, Senator: “One of the first things that we thought, that came to us is that “Wow this thing is about Ms. Ashcroft. It has to be about him it can’t be about anybody else.” and I think that is the sentiment that has been placed out there by many persons. And so today we are hearing the contrary, it still remains the sentiment. We also thought about why now ? Why is this urgent ? And yes we got some responses for that. But Madam President we are aware that such a motion would have far reaching effects, far reaching consequences. And so we felt that something as important as this that requires so much research, so much preparation that more time would have been good for us to properly go through and be able to present in a way that would aid in making this motion better if it could be made better. Remember I said I’m not any legal person so I’m just sharing with you all what was shared with me and as my colleague Senator Salazar said we’re not here to fight with anybody  we are here to see clarity, we’re here to get a better understanding from those who know more than we do. And so we thought that you know we could have done with more time that would have been appreciated. But the NTUCB Madam President wishes for me to place on record that the same manner in which this motion was brought before us today with that same urgency that it was treated with, that the government must also treat with similar urgency the matters of UNCAC, the matter of OSH, the matter of ILO Convention such as Convention 58 and other labor matters that affect our working population.”