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Unions and GOB Meet for Several Hours

Union leaders and the government met for an estimated five hours at the Central Bank Lecture Hall today in what many were hoping would have been a resolution to the current impasse. Our news team waited in the hot sun for hours, but at around three thirty the ministers exited the parking lot with not as much as an acknowledgement to the media outside the bank’s gates.  As for the union members, they completely evaded the media by heading out through the back gate.  In following up with both sides, Love News was told that the meeting was a good and amicable one.  Both sides, however, refused to say what the outcome was and what the next step would be.  Our newsroom has since been reliably informed that the two parties are to meet next Friday, and that for now the industrial action continues and the 21-days’ notice remains in effect.  Love News understands that today’s meeting was in response to a letter from the Minister of Public Service indicating that the government would be willing to resort to amend legislation if it comes to that.  The Briceno administration fearful of making another gross mistake as they did with the Comptroller of Customs position, followed through with union consultation as is required by Section 106-3 of the Belize Constitution.  The Public Service Union (PSU) met with its executive immediately after the meeting, but we are uncertain as to this agenda.  We will keep following the developments of this trade dispute.