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Unions Boycott the Media

Several media houses are at the centre of discussions among union leaders with the idea to boycott the stations as part of their solidarity movement.Over a dozen union members and teachers reached out to our newsroom today to inform us of the decision made specifically by the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) to attack Love FM through a boycott of the stations and social media pages.From the Benque Branch of the BNTU the text message circulated reads, quote, “We will be boycotting Love FM and BBN (Belize Breaking News). We will start at our branch. We will click the Unlike button from their page.”End of quote.The situation has reportedly been brewing for some weeks now over PAID POLITICAL ads played on several radio and television stations.Our newsroom reached out to other unions and learned that the support by the unions is not unilateral and that the Public Service Union (PSU) is yet to make a decision if they will join the BNTU on their boycott of some of the media houses.As for the APSSM, President Sharon Frazer says she is unaware of any such discussion or decision.It is important to note that Love FM and Love Television were the first media houses to begin the discussion on salary cuts on Thursday, February 4, when we met with BNTU’s President Elena Smith.Since then, we have never denied any of the union members or leaders an opportunity to be interviewed for the news or the morning show.Likewise, we have never denied the unions the opportunity to air ads on our stations.Senior Reporter Hipolito Novelo reports.