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UDP Sees Overwhelming Interest in Municipals

Municipal Election is forty-nine days away and both major political parties are working on getting their slates finalized.  From the looks of it many have already began their campaign on social media despite not given the green light by the party they support.  Love News understands that there has been an overwhelming interest in Mayoral and Councilor positions for the United Democratic Party. This poses the question of whether or not a convention will be held within the party despite the COVID-19 regulations. Party Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte commented on their preparations and on the aspect of a convention if the need arises.

Senator Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Party Chairman

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Party Chairman:There’s been an overwhelming interest to represent the United Democratic Party in upcoming city council election. Naturally we have to look at the names, we have a screening committee and before we finish or by the time we finish with all our internal procedures as a party we should have the requisite amount of people necessary to contest the election in March. We have several people who have applied. When you have several people who apply for a post there’s two ways to approach it especially in a pandemic; you talk to people and see if maybe one person would emerge or you will have a consensus candidate that’s a natural process but when you speak to people if you’re unable to have a consensus candidate then we are a democratic party you will have to find a way to have a convention under those circumstances if that remains the case going forward. We had an election and the last time I remember before the election the current Prime Minister before the election was saying open up everything and let people go and vote so I can’t see how he would want to put any restrictions on us that are punitive if we were to choose to have a convention. Naturally if we end up having one then we will have to take all the precautions necessary given that we are in the middle of a pandemic and then at the same time we have to follow the rules and regulations as stipulated by the government but we’ll have to have some discussion on it because democracy has to prevail. I see for example the Minister of Natural Resources having a town hall meeting in Dangriga, Hope Creek and Sarawee so whatever measures they’re taking to do that I’m sure we can take similar measures if we need to have a convention for any reason.”

Since last week a fake press release was circulating with the UDP’s letterhead announcing the candidates chosen by the party. Peyrefitte told the media yesterday that the release was nothing but a political tactic by the current government.

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Party Chairman: It’s what the PUP specializes in. They have to find some way to distract attention from the fact that as far as Central Government is concerned they have sputtered out of the gate. They don’t have their legs under them, they’re searching their way, it’s like rookies trying to run a country and then of course they have to shield the fact that their City Council has done nothing within the last three years. So all they do is come up all day with mischief to try and distract the public from their failure so when it comes out and it’s fake we just put out a release to say it’s fake and we correct it. That won’t distract us.”

Love News will continue to follow the developments by both parties as time progresses.