United Democratic Party to Analyze Municipal Election Losses

United Democratic Party to Analyze Municipal Election Losses

Members of the United Democratic Party will be gathering tomorrow to dissect the massive loss it suffered in the Municipal Elections. The party is having a National Party Council meeting where members of the executive will discuss what went right and what went wrong. The party was only able to capture six of the sixty-seven municipal seats, having representation only in the Cayo District. However, despite the poor results, Barrow says the party was able to do better than it did in 2021. 

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “We had zero municipalities before and we captured one so in all statistical spin that is an increase. So we know that we did better in PG, there was a recount, we won the PG mayor then there was a recount we won that by ten votes and then we lost it by twenty five votes so that’s thirty five votes that appeared so we are taking that matter to court. We made significant gains in Belmopan City whereas we lost in the general elections by 2100 and in the municipals of this year we came as close as 200. So that shows that we’re headed in the right direction so I have no concern about my status. We just have to plan the way forward and be more precise in the concentration of our efforts and learn from whatever omissions, whatever lacks may have taken place on March 6 and build on the strengths because there were gains. As I said we went from zero municipalities to one municipality and we almost won in PG and we believe we did win so we’re going to challenge that and until the court decides that matter we maintain that we did win the PG mayorship. So moving forward I enjoy the majority support of my colleagues. Everyone that I’ve spoken to appreciates the fact that we need to concentrate our efforts in certain areas and people are prepared to make the sacrifices needed for us to get the sixteen seats. That is the response that I’ve been getting since the March 6 election.”

Barrow also responded to whether his leadership would be discussed at the NPC meeting given the defeat the party suffered at the polls. 

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “It’s absolutely ridiculous. The item on the agenda is a post mortem. I was not appointed as leader. There was not just a resolution in the NPC, it was a national convention, the highest body of this party reelected me to lead until after the general elections not after the municipal elections and that remains. The item on the agenda is a post mortem to analyze everything that happened in the municipal elections and to plan the way forward for the general elections so that we can build on the gains that were made. Not as significant as we would have liked but we’re headed in the right direction. Certainly we did not have the Taiwanese funding. We did not have the $50 million dollar BTB bond, we did not have any of those things but we still held San Ignacio / Santa Elena. You have to understand that you can’t pretend as if that was some simple feat. The Prime Minister visited there multiple times, his CEOs. He had two sitting ministers there and an area representative so resources were not a problem for us. We were well funded, could never be as well funded as the Government of Belize so that will continue. We’re still fighting, we’re still running ads. We’re still in our constituencies, the resources continue. I believe you asked me this question – not you particularly but I was asked this question after the national convention would I have enough resources to go to the municipals and to the general and you know we continue to be a viable alternative to the Government of Belize. We continue to have the resources to do the work. Money means nothing without the hard work of building relationships.”

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