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Universal Hardware grand re-opening

Universal Hardware has been in existence since 1993. Today a short ceremony was held for the grand re-opening of its Belize City branch located on Chetumal Street. The Managing Director, Norman Dueck, in his welcome address, shared the work that went into expanding the store.

Norman Dueck: “It wasn’t easy.  It has been a lot of hard work but it is now complete. I would like to mention to a couple people that have done extraordinary work in getting this thing done. I would like to give a shout out to Lora Escana  from the design team from Travallia. She did a fantastic job with the looks, doesn’t it look great? Give her a big round of applause, she is not here but she will hear from it, she also did the inside store’s design and planning as well. Coming in and doing it , working extra hard during the construction phase of the building and least but not last John Dyke for  spending nine weeks with his team driving up and down from Spanish Lookout everyday and merchandising the store, thank you John and team.”

The Mayor of Belize City, Bernard Wagner, was the keynote speaker who said that today’s reopening was a testament of our nation’s collective will and vision.

Mayor of Belize Bernard Wagner: “Today we add another jewel to the Crown of Belizean entrepreneurship that sparkles and shines in this ever growing community. What was once swamp and a desolate road has been transformed in our lifetime to a thriving mixed use community. Today another great investment is betting on a greater future of continued growth and increased prosperity for all. I am here today to help assure that this investment like the ones that have come before and will pay off, not just in an improved economy but also in an an improved community and an improved city. Over 100 years ago the famous American writer August Huxley wrote that if the world had ends British Honduras would be one of them. Today’s opening is not the end of a dream but the continuation of relentless quest to create and build a better life for all our citizens of our fair city by the sea. Today Chetumal Blvd. is not a road of good intentions but the living, thriving example of continued hard work to achieve a just objective.”

The Chairman, Anton (Jack) Dueck, in his thank you speech, expressed his gratitude to all who assisted to make the reopening possible. Dueck added that Universal Hardware is proud to help improve the livelihood of their surrounding community.