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UNO holds road safety training

Every year a significant number of new vehicles is added to our roads increasing the need for drivers to use the road with care to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Today, UNO Belize Gas Station is holding a two-day seminar with truck drivers who transport gasoline for them. Love news stopped by and spoke with Armando Porres, the Road Transport Supervisor for UNO Belize Gas Station, who said that the main idea is to reinforce the need for safety.

Armando Porres, the Road Transport Supervisor for UNO Belize Gas Station: “We have a safety meeting with all the drivers and owners of the trucks that we use to deliver the products. The main idea is that it will enforce safety transport, attacking the two root causes: fatigue and speeding. The drivers are from different companies, we don’t have our own fleet here in Belize so we have to contact them. We check on them everyday and do a thorough check every month. You have to be aware that you are not the only one on the roads, in the back you have 8000 gallons of explosion material so it is very dangerous. You have to be careful because you have the power to affect others and the environment also so that is the idea.”

The two-day workshop is being held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel.