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Unusually Cool Weather Forecast for the Weekend

Everyone has been talking about the weekend weather and the unusual low temperatures that are coming with it. It’s been said that temperatures will fall to about fifty degrees fahrenheit.  With the unusual drop in temperatures, Love News spoke to the forecaster at the Belize Weather Burea, Francisca Wellington who told us that temperatures are indeed going to be low and will get even lower as the weekend progresses.


“The cold front is about above northern Belize and it’s moving southwest across us. What we are expecting for tonight is for the winds to increase fifteen to twenty five knots or higher so there’s a small craft warning out. We’re not expecting much rainfall out of this system but the big thing is the temperatures. For tonight we are expecting temperatures to drop to fifty four degrees Fahrenheit up in the Maya  mountains which is about twelve degrees Celsius, inland we’re going for fifty eight Fahrenheit which is about fourteen degrees Celsius and along the coast it is sixty five Fahrenheit, eighteen Celsius. That is tonight. Tomorrow we are expecting it to drop even more. We are expecting 62 along the coast tomorrow night, fifty two inland and forty eight up in the Maya Mountains. From what I have observed these are no record breaking temperatures, they’ve occurred before in fact we have had lower than these in the past.”

Wellington says that it is not only the cold front bringing in the low temperatures but another cold air tailing the cold front. Wellington did have some advice to offer the public.


“It would be, I would say, about the last eight years ago, within those times. Yes we do currently  have a small craft caution tonight. We are stepping it up to a small craft warning. These are especially for small crafts so I hope everybody heeds the warning.”

As Wellington says, it’s been about eight years since Belize has seen such low temperatures.