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Upcoming Conference Will Bring Women Together for Business Growth

Women Entrepreneurship Day is a movement that is about celebrating and supporting and empowering women who are entrepreneurs.  On November 25, there will be a Leadership Conference for growth-oriented business women to link and experience in-person interaction, acquire knowledge and learn how to grow their businesses. Danalyn Myvett, President of Belize Centre for Training and Development spoke about the importance of the upcoming conference.



There will be leading women from across the region, attending the conference as guest speakers and Myvett spoke to Love News about the women participating.


Danalyn Myvette has been appointed as Belize’s first Women Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador; we asked her what that was like when she received the news.


The conference is scheduled for November 25, at the Belize Biltmore Plaza. Tickets can be bought at Mapey’s Beauty World for fifty dollars.