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Urban green-pace initiative launched

One thousand trees were donated to the San Ignacio Town Council by the Forest Department as part of its Urban Green-Space Initiative. The donation signaled the start of a partnership between the Department and the town council as Mayor Earl Trapp signed a partnership agreement with the Forest Department to build greener spaces within the municipality by 2020. According to Mayor Trapp, it is important to build more sustainable municipalities and pinpointed this and several on-going sustainable cities initiatives that have taken shape over the last three years. He indicated that these smart, eco-friendly initiatives, such as the restoration of riverine areas, the establishment of ecological parks, home-gardening food projects, and the better management of solid waste were led primarily through partnerships with local schools, businesses, civil society entities, and individuals. The partnership forged with the Forest Department enables the two to deliver on its commitment to developing greener spaces within the twin-towns.