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Urbie Behind Bars After Discharging Firearm in Public

Thirty-five year old police constable Urbie Alamilla, a resident of Mitchell Estate in Ladyville, became an inmate of Belize Central Prison when he appeared today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza and was arraigned on a charge of discharging a firearm in public. Alamilla pled not guilty to the charge. He was remanded into custody until August 9. Acting on information they received of shots being fired at Green Jade Restaurant in Ladyville, the police visited the scene and retrieved one live round and one expended shell of nine millimeter caliber ammunition from the floor of the restaurant. They were informed by Sharmane Bainton that Alamilla was drunk and he had fired his pistol inside the restaurant. The police were also informed by one Ashley Haylock, a 24 year old of Burrell Boom, that he had an altercation with a man known to him as “Borland” and that was when Alamilla fired the shot. After the police carried out an investigation, they detained Alamilla and according to the police, when they asked Alamilla for the gun he took them to an open lot on Woodpecker Street in Ladyville and when they lifted one of the cement blocks they saw a black nine millimeter pistol with eight rounds of ammunition in its magazine.