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US Ambassador and Pending Donations to Belize

With only fifty two days left in office, Ambassador for the United States to Belize, Carlos Moreno says there are still a few more projects in Belize under his leadership.


“The one that I can think of right now are the provision of additional vehicles that would include motorcycles and bicycles, I know the bicycles are in country. Given the terrain of Belize you really need a multi faceted approach to getting these officers around. I know we’ve been discussing with assistant commissioner of police Chester Williams, a program to put in cameras in certain neighborhoods on the southside of Belize. I don’t know exactly where that project is but its certainly one that is in the pipeline, the details are going to be worked out.”

Ambassador Moreno will return to the US in January 2017 where he may be going back into the judicial system as a judge.  His ambassadorship to Belize began June 21, 2014; his successor is yet to be named.