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US Ambassador Tours Belize’s Youth Services

With various programs currently ongoing at the Department for Youth Services in Belize City, the US Ambassador, Carlos Moreno paid a visit to the institution today, where he witnessed first-hand what the young persons are learning over the summer holiday.  Sabrina Daly is the Public Relations officer for the Regent Street based facility.  According to her, the programs are held on a 2-week rotation.


“Today is a very exciting day we have a really nice visitor with us, he’s actually the US Ambassador. He came here from around 10am and we had no idea the tour would have taken so long so we are really excited to have showcased all the activities, the summer camps that we are having here today. It was a really nice experience, we got to show him every part of the building and it went pretty well.”

Ambassador Moreno arrived at around ten o’clock this morning and was engaged with the youths and facilitators for just under two hours.  He spoke with Love News on his impressions of the department.


“We were invited here by the Director, Allison to come and see some of their activities here both summer programs as well as year round programs and I have to say that I and my staff are very impressed with the activities that they offer to youth here in Belize from music to painting to handicraft, it’s a fantastic program and I hope to get more involved. I think students and young people here in Belize really need this kind of outlet particularly during the summer months when they are not in school.  So the programs here also offer after school programs, computer lab and so forth after school so I think we have to keep our youth off the street and also to help them learn new skills that can lead to employment in the future so it’s a great program.”

Members of the public are also being invited to stop in and see the music, art and other exercises that are being offered