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US based Company seeks investors to boost soursop export in Belize

TKO Farms Inc., a company based in Tustin, California, has announced through a press release that it is in the process of acquiring over five hundred acres with a proposed expansion of four hundred acres in Belize. The company plans to plant over two thousand soursop trees which are expected to yield nine thousand soursop within three years’ time. TKO Farms Inc. hopes to export to the US, UK, Italy and Nigeria. The release states quote, “The soursop fruit sells for $10.00 per pound and up in the U.S…The annual returns from soursop production and export are 25-30% with a total return of at least 600%, using existing market value and conditions,” end of quote. The company is offering opportunities to US investors providing surety of significant returns through a twenty-five-year term plan.  TKO Farms Inc. specializes in creating opportunities for people to invest in soursop and mahogany in Belize.