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US Capital Energy Halts Oil Testing in Toledo

Oil exploration testing operation in Toledo by US Capital Energy has halted until further notice. Paul Mahung tells us more.


US Capital Energy Belize Oil Exploration testing operation previously done at Temash 2 well sit in Toledo is discontinued until further decision as explained by US Capital Energy Country Representative, Alistair King.”


The walk over rig that we brought in from Mexico to do the testing has been returned to Mexico however we still have the site and we have some equipment and we keep a close watch as our PSA calls us on areas. Until we make a decision where to drill and depending on our extension we will maintain the area in the park as it is.”


King commented that no additional drilling operation was done at any other location in the Sarstoon Temash National Park as the recent test operation which began in March of this year was done in the same initial Temash 2 wellbore made and used by US Capitol during its previous oil exploration test operations in Toledo over a year ago.  Concerns to Love News here from a number of rural inhabitants during the past week spoke of challenges of unemployment as US Capitol testing operations in Toledo is now on hold by the company which during testing operations provided much needed employment and held several schools and communities in Rural Toledo.”