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US Chargé d’affaires says financial aid to continue  

President Trump classified the countries who voted in favor of the resolution as enemies. During his State of the Union Address, President Trump basically said that the countries who voted in favor of the resolution will no longer receive financial assistance from his administration. He intends to carry out this act by asking Congress to spend billions of dollars of foreign aid on interest that would benefit the United States of America. Today, hours after Trump’s address, the US Embassy in Belize gifted the Ministry of Health a laboratory piece of equipment worth more than seventy thousands US dollars. Representing the Trump administration was the Chargé d’affaires for the US Embassy in Belize, Adrienne Galanek who fielded questions


“I think that the vote in the UN is only one of several aspects of a relationship that our two countries share. We are committed to the Central America Strategy across the region and I think you will see from the recent FY 18 budget request that Central America, and of course as Belize as part of the region, figures closely in those budget requests. I believe that Belize is a strong partner with the United States, our partnership as you rightly pointed out is over $40 million dollars in just Central America Regional Security funds alone. We have strong partnerships not only in that sector but across with media, civil society and so I think those ties absolutely continue with Belize. I can’t predict the future, I can’t predict what decisions Congress will make but our relationship and friendship with Belize remain strong.”


“The US President also said that about $20 Billion dollars go to foreign aid in several countries around the world. Should Belize’s government agencies be worried that what he also said, was that he was going to ask Congress to spend money for the US interest; should government agencies who partner with the US Embassy here in Belize be worried about that?”


“I think that absolutely our goals with the Government and people of Belize are in Belize’s interest but of course are in the United States’ interest. Having secure and economically prosperous country as well as one that upholds democracy and good governance is absolutely in the United States’ interest as well. These impact things that are of the utmost importance to the Trump administration such as US border security. So more safe, secure and prosperous region absolutely impacts the United States and it is absolutely in our best interest as well.”