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US choir to perform in Belize as part of Black History Month celebrations

The month of February is celebrated as Black History Month, which is recognized mostly in the US and Canada. As part of the celebrations, the US Embassy has brought a choir from Howard University of Washington DC to Belize. A delegation of fifteen members arrived this morning to begin their workshops that they have planned for the rest of the week. Love news spoke to the Business Manager of the choir, Ray Bramble.

Ray Bramble – Business Manager, Howard University Choir

“We plan to use the story of Gospel music to share and talk about how when the slaves were brought over to North America and the way that they used their traditions mingles with the Christianity with the Europeans to create gospel music and the way the artform has evolved from back then until now. We are going to be doing different workshops that are gonna involve how to sing gospel music, different types of gospel music and just the history of the whole black history as well.

Judy Turton

“I know you guys have been at a number of different places, tell us how that benefits the group and how it allows the group to grow.”

Ray Bramble – Business Manager, Howard University Choir

“It benefits us greatly, it allows us to travel the world and share our culture, our story, to share things that we are passionate about and it also gives us a chance to learn about other cultures and other stories and experiences. We are sort of giving to them just as much as they are giving to us so it’s an even exchange both ways. They are going ot get a lot, they are going to get a high energy performance, we are going to have a lot of different kinds of gospel music, we are going to have some Negro Spirituals, some acapella songs, some contemporary gospel and some traditional as well so it’s going to be a very diverse spread of music. We have two concerts planned.”

The choir is having one concert in Dangriga at the Sacred Heart Chruch on Friday, and then at the St. Martin Depores Church on Saturday at six. The group also plans to hold workshops at Benque Viejo Mount Caramel St. Joseph Youth Group, the Belmopan Choral Society and the Beltoral Choir.