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US couple assists residents of More Tomorrow Village

Fem Cruz reporting…

“Janae Wetherington from Shea Mission, Georgia USA is here at More Tomorrow Government School on a mission for Christ handing out food items. Wetherington spoke to Love News about how this vision came about.

Janae Wetherington

“We started six years ago coming to More Tomorrow and fell in love with the children, we saw great need here but great love in their heart and so we come twice a year to bring them sometimes food, school supplies; we bring mission groups to work on their classrooms and their equipment here and everyone always wants to come back to this particular place because we feel so welcome. Our mission is to share hope around and that’s what we do and they give us their love in return.”

Tell us the importance of targeting the future of this country?

Janae Wetherington

“Children are the hope for any country; we want them to understand what giving, what sharing, what using the talents that God has given them to make their community a better place.”

Dominana Pop

“I would just like to extend a warm thank you to Ms. Jenae and Mr. Dwayne for coming to More Tomorrow to share love and I have said before it is something that the children appreciate and also learn from it because as they get bigger and older and become adult; they will learn to share because things have been shared with them at the school by this lovely couple.”