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US Embassy Assured BCG Boats Will Not Be Misused Again

Minister of Defence, John Saldivar has been greatly criticized in recent weeks due to the decision he made to utilize the Belize Coast Guard vessels to transport the Bandits athletes to San Pedro for scheduled games.  Despite the Coast Guard Commander saying that the fuel was reimbursed to the unit, the focus for many is the use of public resources for his private gains since he is the owner of Bandits Sports.  The Prime Minister and other Cabinet colleagues have said that they would not have done such a thing and according to what we have been told earlier today, the US Embassy has been assured that such activities will not happen again.  Adrienne Galanek is the Charge d Affaires at the US Embassy.


Basically we have been discussing the situation with the Government of Belize.”


And that’s all you can say?”


And right now we are discussing it and they are aware of our concerns and we also have assurances that the situation will not occur again.”

As recent as this past Monday, Minister Saldivar posted on his social media timeline, quote, “to those of you who would not do what I have done, please allow me to be me while you continue to be you and let my people be my judge and your people be your judge.  I believe in what I do and take great pleasure in working with the young people of Belmopan and Belize.”  End of quote.