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US Embassy Issues Weather Advisory to Its Citizens in Belize

With the recent weather conditions posing several threats ranging from flash floods to health hazards, the United States Embassy in Belmopan, Cayo District has issued an advisory to the US citizens in Belize and those planning trips to the country.  The advisory refers to a document issued by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in which it warned of flooded roads and areas and cautioned persons in the Corozal, Orange Walk, Stann Creek and Belize City Districts to be on the alert.  The release, stated, in part, quote, “U.S. citizens should stay tuned to local forecasts and follow instructions from local authorities regarding road detours and other safety restrictions. Belizean authorities caution the public not to drive around in flooded areas especially in low vehicles. U.S. citizens living and traveling in Belize should take this information into account, and be aware that localized conditions in affected areas could change without warning.”  The US Embassy continued by advising its citizens to ensure that their travel documents are on their person at all time and are in a secure and waterproof location as well as keep family and friends abroad, updated on their whereabouts.  Such a release is not new or out of the ordinary as the US Embassy carries out such bulletins from time to time with the safety of US Citizens in mind.  Any US citizen who may find themselves in distress can contact the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit in the U.S. Embassy at ACSBelize@state.gov or by calling 822-4011.