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US Embassy Names Belize’s Wonder Woman

For the month of November, the US Embassy has named Nicole Haylock as the Belize’s Wonder Woman.  Haylock is currently employed in the Ministry of Home Affairs as the Deputy Coordinator for the National Security Council Secretariat.  She has held this post since January 2010.  According to a posting by the US Embassy, Haylock is quote, “truly a remarkable woman that is routinely given the most challenging tasks within the Ministry of Home Affairs. She is the go-to person for various sections within the U.S. Embassy because she is responsive, decisive and has a never-quit attitude that will serve her well in the future as she advances in her career. Apart from her day to day work she also volunteers to help her community and was elected to be the Secretary of the Belize Alumni Association 2016-2017.”  End of quote.  Haylock works closely with all multilateral agencies and diplomatic core that deals with security issues for and in Belize.  She has recently been charged with heading the Technical Support Team currently revising Belize’s 2008 National Security Strategy.