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US Embassy Revokes Minister Castro’s Visas

The US Embassy has revoked the diplomatic and the tourist visa for Minister Edmond Castro.  The news came via a press statement issued by Minister Castro late this evening.  Castro, the elected representative for Belize Rural North noted in his statement that no reason was stated in the notice he received.  The statement went on to note that Castro was once the holder of a Permanent Residence Card which he gave up in 2009 and subsequently received the two visas from the US Embassy.  He added that he has not travelled to the US for the last three years and had no interest or intention to do so anytime soon.  Recently, he was invited by the US Embassy to go into their offices to discuss the renewal of his visas but he reportedly declined.  The notice from the embassy ended by inviting him to reappear before a US Consular Officer to establish his eligibility for a US Visa.  Minister Castro goes on record to say that his entire focus and preoccupation has been and continues to be that of serving his people in Belize Rural North as their Area Representative and the People of Belize in his capacity as a Minister of Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Rt. Hon Dean Barrow.