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US Embassy Seeks NGO Executing Agency to Improve Citizen Security

The Embassy of the United States in Belize is looking to embark on a project called, Strengthening Government through Civil Society engagement to improve citizen security. The project will look at governance and justice reform with an aim to reduce impunity and to strengthen capable and accountable governments.  At this stage of the project, the US Embassy is looking for the participation of a qualified non-governmental organizations to serve as the implementing agent of this project.  The embassy has issued a list of requirements needed from the NGO including their ability and willingness to work with the Government of Belize to institute reforms that will reduce corruption and impunity.  The NGO must have proposals for activities that will effect legislative, legal and judicial reforms and provide assistance towards the implementation aspects of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.  The US embassy is prepared to provide funding between two hundred to four hundred thousand dollars for the project.  Belizean NGOs are being encouraged to apply for the job as the executive agent and to visit the website, www.grants.gov for further requirements.