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US Embassy staff and Police Department team up

Personnel from the US Embassy teamed up with the Belmopan Police for a beautification project.

Fem Cruz reporting…

“The Foreign Service National Association of the US Embassy and officers from the Belmopan Police Department this morning planted over 60 perenial and flower bearing plants at the Western Regional Hospital compound. Superitendent Howell Gillett, Officer in Command spoke to Love News about the initiative.

Howell Gillett, Officer in Command Belmopan Police

“We planted over 60 perenial as well as temporary flower bearing plants. This is one of our ways of showing gratitude to the communities that we serve. We had the participation of some 15 officers as well as personnel from the Foriegn Service of the US Embassy and also from the Western Regional Hospital staff. We believe that this initiative will improve the beautification of the hospital itself and it will give it an appearance and add a look of belonging in the community.

Fem Cruz

“Love News spoke to one of the officers that participated in the planting.”


“For me it was  a great pleasure and honor to have been a part of this morning’s tree planting. This initiative shows that the Belize Police Department appreciates the community. This is a way of giving back to the community, it shows the public that the police department is also able to help with almost anything.”