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US Embassy’s Charge’ d’Affaires urges Belizeans to take extra safety precautions over the holidays

The Christmas season is usually a time where families gather to celebrate, but this year the Ministry of Health, the Belize Police Department and several other organizations and civil societies have advocated against it. U.S Charge d’Affaires Keith Gilges recommended that Belizeans take extra safety precautions during the holiday season this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Keith Gilges, Charge d’ Affaires, US Embassy:We all want to get together with family and friends, in fact I’m leaving tomorrow to go up to the states to see family and friends but man we’ve got to be careful. I mean seeing with the rise of cases here in Belize is a concern for everybody. You know our condolences to Dido Vega’s family on his passing so we need to do our part. We want to be joyous, we want to enjoy this season but we gotta do it thinking about social distancing, thinking about trying to keep those folks who are particularly vulnerable to be safe. My dad is 83 and I’m gonna go spend four days or five days in a cabin separate and get tested at the end of that before I’m even gonna go see him just to make sure I’m not taking any chance that  I could have caught something on the way to Tennessee. So I mean I do wish everyone in Belize a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, I look forward to a 2021 that’s healthier, that’s more prosperous, we get the tourists back, we get the economy going again because I know a lot of people are struggling at this time.”