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US Fugitive arrested in Belize

60-year-old, Lad Dwayn Ottofy of Kentucky, USA, was detained this morning by Belize’s Special Branch.  Ottofy is an American citizen wanted by the US authorities for the crimes of sodomy, rape and sexual abuse.  Ottofy had been hiding out in Belize after fleeing the United States.  Authorities caught up with him and at around nine o’clock this morning they raided an apartment in Ladyville where he resided and took him into custody.  Love News understands that officials from the US Embassy accompanied Special Branch to verify the fugitive’s documentation. We understand that Ottofy will be given an order to leave the country within the next forty-eight hours. At today’s press briefing, we pressed the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, for more details, but he was only able to give us preliminary information.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I know for a fact this morning the police did went to an apartment building in Ladyville in search of a US national who is wanted within that jurisdiction. It has been confirmed that the subject was found and is in police custody. Arrangements will be made with the US embassy in terms of where do they go from here.”

At the time of the briefing, Williams said he did not know why Ottofy was wanted. Ottofy was initially arrested in the US on December 13, 2018.