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US Helicopters in Belize’s Airspace Explained

There were concerns around the country earlier today as four helicopters were seen in Belize’s airspace just around eleven o’clock this morning.  While it is known that our local military do have relations with the US military, we didn’t take it for granted and we sought the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones for answers.


“The helicopters were just passing through Belize; they came from North Carolina.  They were U.S. Marine helicopters; four of them and they were heading to Honduras.  They just stopped over in Belize to refuel, they were supposed to leave yesterday but due to bad weather they couldn’t take off but they took off close to lunchtime or sometime after lunchtime today; they went to Honduras so they are no longer in Belize.  (Clearance for the helicopters) would have been through Foreign Affairs and National Security, so they got the necessary documentation to pass through Belize to refuel and then head to Honduras.”

According to Jones, the US military had gotten clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant authorities to use Belize as a refuelling point on their way to Honduras.